Why You Should Always Seek Medical Advice Before Choosing IVF

IVF is an amazing process that has helped thousands upon thousands of couples bring new children into the world. For those who have tried conceiving without help and are struggling to do so, often, it is their first thought because of how present it is in the public consciousness. However, before you start booking appointments with specialists and planning everything out, it is important that you meet with a doctor and get IVF explained to you in simple terms that identify the areas of your life it will affect. This way you will have no doubts about the process whatsoever once it begins. 

Why Do You Need To Talk To A Doctor?

First of all, it is always good practical advice to talk to your primary care doctor before undertaking any sort of medical procedure. This is because they know your medical history, what you could be susceptible to and how it might affect your body. They likely already know about your troubles conceiving and could even be the first to bring up IVF. Talking to your doctor will also allow them to start putting things into motion with regards to arranging appointments with IVF specialists and coaching you through the next few days.

How Long Does IVF Take?

Once the IVF process has started things will start steadily moving towards the end goal. Firstly, you will be given a harmless medication that prevents you from getting your period. After this has shown to be successful, the actual IVF process begins, with special medication given to increase egg supply, a simple procedure to take out some healthy candidates, the fertilisation and then the reimplanting of the fertilised embryos into the womb. That whole process can take up to two months, sometimes a little longer and sometimes a bit quicker depending on your individual circumstances and the business of the clinic.

Knowing The Success Rate

It is important to note before you even begin getting IVF explained that this is not a guaranteed solution. Problems can and do arise and sometimes you either have to wait a little bit longer or try another approach. It is important to manage expectations. While IVF is certainly a procedure with quite a high success rate, it is not the only way to get pregnant. In fact, for many it is just the start and you learn a lot from the process itself. Don't give up hope, but be realistic!

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