6 Simple Steps to Using an STD Home Testing Kit

Getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases is a responsible and worthwhile thing to do. If you don't want to visit a clinic or doctor for tests, then you can use an STD home testing kit instead. Follow these six steps to ensure that your results are accurate and reliable.

1. Buy a Genuine Test Kit

Always purchase STD home test kits from sources you know you can trust, like registered pharmacies. Steer clear of overseas sites, insecure payment portals, and services that have received many negative reviews.

2. Only Use Sealed Test Kits

Any home testing kit should arrive in a sealed packet so that you can be sure that the contents inside are sterile. If the seal is broken, do not use the testing kit. Instead, contact the supplier to ask for a refund.

3. Practice Good Hygiene

It is important to pay attention to hygiene while using a home STD testing kit. Introducing microbes into the testing kit from your hands could invalidate your results while transmitting bacteria from your hands to your penis or vagina could lead to an infection. Always wash your hands before you open the kit and begin the testing procedure.

4. Follow the Instructions

All good STD home test kits come with instructions to let you know exactly how to collect your samples. Be sure to read these instructions in full before you begin. You may need to use a swab to collect mucus from the vagina, collect a sample of urine, or even use a supplied lancet to take a drop of blood from your finger. Read the instructions to ensure you collect the right type of sample and that you do it correctly.

5. Return the Kit

Most home test kits ask you to mail a sample back to the supplier so that they can test it for STDs in a laboratory. You will need to fill in a label to stick to your sample so that it does not get lost or misidentified. Follow the instructions carefully and then take your sample promptly to a post office or post box so that it can arrive quickly at the laboratory.

6. Receive and React to the Results 

Once you have returned your sample, all you have to do is wait. Most companies will contact you via email or text message, so be sure to check your phone and email regularly. Once you have your results, it is a good idea to let your recent sexual partners know about any positive results so that they can get tested too. You should also visit your doctor to discuss treatment.

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